About - Ian Coburn Photography

About Me

I'm a photographer currently operating out of Calgary, AB.

My journey started in my early teens when my parents bought a small point and shoot camera for our family. I feverishly learned every setting, every function of that camera, while struggling to share it with three other people. I knew I needed a camera of my own.

A lot has changed since then, but photography has remained constant. My life looks a lot like this:

I've always loved photography because is allows you to play with reality and make images with high levels of detail.
In the past, it's been 100% heavy metal, but recently I've been branching out as my taste expands.
The Outdoors
I love to get outside. Whether it's camping, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, cycling or just getting out for a short walk, I need fresh air.
I enjoy the process of constructing and eating sandwiches. If I wasn't a photographer, I would probably own a sandwich shop.
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